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Because of the most current economic downturn there’s a lot of evidence to suggest a growing number of people looking for work consider a Government job at the top of their list of career and job choices. Given that Governments are usually the largest single employer in their respective State you would think this should be a realistic goal. It appears, nevertheless, that job seekers from outside Government have found it hard breaking in to Government jobs.

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Even though the Commonwealth Government have their own recruitment and selection methods for the public service, there are numerous similarities. This article will attempt to unravel and debunk a few of the myths around entering into to a job in the Public Service and still provide job seekers with a few practical strategies which you may find useful.

Government Jobs or perhaps a job in the public service could provide a powerful and enriching career choice! A profession in Government can mean rewarding career paths in a variety of professions for example management and administration, services, policing, law and justice as well as health and education, to name just a few. An noticeable draw-card is job security. Additional benefits include family friendly and flexible work conditions, training and development in some instances, financial assistance along with study and research. Government encourages safe workplaces and is also an equal opportunity employer.

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> Education 

> Medical

> Administration

> Medical

> Marketing

> Accounting

> Transportation

> Law Enforcement

> Personnel Management

> Blue Collar

> Computer

> Fire & Resue

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Our Directory is filled with information on how find and get a great job in the public sector. You will have instant access to over 300 of the top Government job sites along with detailed information on how to get the job you want, how you will be paid for that job, what the requirements are and how to fill out the Government applications were to apply and so much more. Once you register you will start submitting applications. Most Government jobs start at about $25,000 and up.

Government generally provides a range of job opportunities such as permanent appointments, temporary assignments, scholarships, graduate programs along with apprenticeships, and work experience placements. Generally, job vacancies (other than for base-grade level) are advertised in Government Gazettes and through Government jobs online. A lot of agencies already have facilities where you can submit your application online.

would you like to earn an extra $100 a day

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